About the Author

My American name is Duane Moyer.  A long time ago a kindergarten teacher in Brussels, where my parents were learning French, informed them that my name, “Duane,” did not work in French.   I needed a French-sounding name, and she had chosen “Dany”.  So Dany it was.  When we moved to Belgian Congo I became “Waboulinganya” and later, when we re-located to Guadeloupe (once again a French-speaking country) I reverted to Dany, or to my friends, “Dan” – except for the village drunk; he called me “Ti-bab” – “Little Beard.”  Of all the names I’ve been given, that was my favorite.

I grew up as a Missionary Kid.  From 3rd grade through college (1961-1976), when I said “home”, I meant the town of Capesterre-Belle-Eau in  Guadeloupe, West Indies where my parents served with World Team and the Eglise Evangélique – Le Salut Pour Tous.  In 1978, newly graduated from Bible School in Omaha, Nebraska, and newly married, I returned to Guadeloupe.  My wife, Joetta, and I made it our home for the next 35 years (1978-2013).  We have three children, and we made sure that all three have names that “work” in both French and English.

Taking into account both of my missionary sojourns; the first under my parent’s roof and the second under a roof of my own, I accumulated a total of 55 years of life experience and missionary service. Together, Joetta and I served for 35 years, training leaders for every type of ministry within the Evangelical Church of Guadeloupe.  During our last 10 years of field service I also oversaw World Team’s works in Haiti and the island nations of the Lesser Antilles.

So I have had the unusual privilege of observing a church (not just a congregation, but a whole fellowship of churches, in fact the entire evangelical community of Guadeloupe) practically from its inception through its first 3 generations.  I have seen and contributed to the outcomes  – both intended and unintended – of American missionary engagement and strategy in a range of countries.  I’ve heard the other side of the story, the positives and the negatives from Guadeloupian leaders themselves, many of whom I actually grew up with – the ones who call me “Dan”.

I am currently the Director of the Department of Missions of the Bible Fellowship Church, a family of some 60 churches located mostly in the Northeastern United States.  I provide pastoral care to our 139 envoys around the world, representing their interests before their sponsors, their sending churches, and their mission agencies.

This site is a collection of my observations and things I believe I have learned along the way.  I hope it is useful to you as you support your missionary friends, as you help to shape your church’s missionary strategy and, most importantly, as you consider how you yourself should understand Christ’s Great Commission and be involved in fulfilling it.