Weekly Reflections


This section is a collection of selected articles from our weekly missionary prayer update entitled “Friday Prayer.”  It is my strong belief that every disciple of Jesus needs to learn to think like a missionary.  So each week I write a short article to accompany our missionaries’ prayer requests in which I aim to help our prayer supporters  understand the passion of those they pray for as well as the particular challenges facing anyone who has recognized and embraced their role as an ambassador of Christ,  beginning right where God has currently planted them.  My hope is that, as disciples of Jesus read these articles, they will recognize that the circumstances they face are in many ways the same as those of the missionaries they pray for, and that they will realize, as do our envoys around the world, that these common situations are actually opportunities that the Lord Jesus has given to live out our faith and to invite our family, our neighbors, and our acquaintances to join us in following Him.